SPS Deep Dive – $500 Efflo

$500 for a frag? Well, today there are a number of frags out there fetching this price but years ago this sort of price point was not as common. An exception was the $500 Efflo.


According to reeffarmers, the original owner of this Acropora efflorescens did not want to part with the coral since it had […]

Top 5 SPS Corals

Taste can very subjective when it comes to selecting eye-catching SPS corals for a reef tank. For me, I am an old school reefer and today I tend to stay away from the over-priced corals with a lot of hype and buzz. You know, the ones that look almost too good to be true thanks […]

Tips on Choosing and Placing SPS

One key to keeping an eye catching SPS dominated reef is to plan ahead and think about what the reef might look like in a year or two when it matures. Do your homework and […]

SPS Deep Dive – ORA Pearlberry

Given its vivid coloration, the ORA Pearlberry is a must have coral for many SPS collectors. When it first came out it generated a lot of excitement and I was stoked to […]

SPS Deep Dive – Acropora Lokani

One of my favorite corals of all time is the Acropora Lokani. This deepwater beauty has sturdy main branches that run horizontal with thin, small branches that shoot up. […]

SPS Deep Dive – Purple Monster

One of the great things about this hobby are the nicknames given to designer, high end Acropora. The Icefire Enchinata, ORA Pearlberry, Strawberry Shortcake, […]

Dosing Nitrates to Improve SPS Coloration

Many years ago when I started in this hobby my main mission was to keep nutrients as low as possible. But it was tougher back then since the equipment was not as efficient or advanced as what is available today.


Yes, I used a a skimmer, did regular water changes, avoided overfeeding my fish and employed […]

SPS Deep Dive – Purple Bonsai Acropora

Bonsai! When I see that word all I can think about is John Belushi in a Saturday Night Live skit waving a sharp samurai sword perilously close to a nonchalant Buck Henry. Belushi actually hit Henry […]

SPS Deep Dive – ORA Red Planet

The ORA Red Planet is one of my favorite SPS for a number of reasons. Number one, it is red and who doesn’t love a splash of red in their reef to color things up. Number two, it is a tabling acropora so it looks like it is a natural part of a reef and […]

SPS Deep Dive – Tyree Rainbow Stylo

Dig stylos? Then you will want a Tyree Rainbow Stylo, another limited edition coral from Steve Tyree. The polyps are incandescent and they vary in color from green to blue.  What?  Different colored polyps?  Yes!  And the green and blue just radiate against the coral’s deep purple/pink body. I love solid colored purple and green […]