A ReefBum’s Guide To Keeping an SPS Reef Tank – A Blueprint For Success

Do you want to learn how to achieve optimal growth rates and amazing colors with SPS (small polyp stony coral)? A ReefBum’s Guide To Keeping an SPS Reef Tank – A Blueprint For Success, provides insights in a reef aquarium book from an award winning reef keeper who’s earned tank of the month honors once from Reef2Reef, and twice from Reef Central (one of the few to do so on RC).

This book covers a number of topics including equipment, aquascaping, optimal parameters, husbandry and pest/nuisance algae control, interspersed with a sprinkling of (hopefully;) amusing personal anecdotes. Much of the subject matter focuses on SPS reefs, but there will also be info applying to all types of captive reefs. The book also delves into a principle called “reefology”, the science behind the science of reef keeping. Specifically, it refers to practicing the basic principles of doing your homework, being patient, and keeping things simple.

In a nutshell, this easy-to-read book provides basic guidelines and advice on how to keep a kick ass SPS reef tank!

**Attention** If you would like a more immersive learning experience, then please check out my online Reef Keeping Master Class! The course is more up to date versus the book, has supplemental video from my YouTube channel as well as quizzes to help students retain and understand the information presented in the course.

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