Live Sales

Thanks to all of you who participated in our live sale on Thursday, December 7th, it was a blast! All frags not sold during the live sale will remain on sale until Sunday, December 10th. Please sign up for our newsletter to be alerted about upcoming live sales, new frag releases and other product news. To purchase frags during our live sales visit this page

Buying Corals

Each coral featured during the live show will have an item #. They are all visible and available for purchase here. If you see a particular coral you like, for example #10, place it into your shopping cart like a regular item and check out.

It is important to complete the checkout process. Having the coral in your cart DOES NOT reserve the coral. Check out with the “Adding to an Order” shipping option to avoid paying multiple instances of shipping.

Please note, for orders under $400 one instance of shipping must be purchased. Shipping modules can be found here.

Corals featured during our live streams will remain on sale at discounted prices and be available for purchase a few days after our live sales are over. Subscribe to our newsletter to be alerted to those extended sale dates. No other discount codes can be used for live sale items.


Shipping is a flat rate of $100 for UPS Next Day Air service. If your order total comes to $400 or more you will receive free shipping.

We highly recommend having the package delivered to a UPS Customer Center near you and have it marked “HOLD FOR PICK-UP”. This will reduce travel time and limit exposure to adverse heat or cold conditions that might be present on the delivery truck.

For more details on our shipping policies please visit this page.

DOA Guarantee  

We guarantee all of our items to arrive alive. If, for some reason, an item does not arrive alive, you must contact us via email, with detailed pictures of the item within two hours after the package arrives. If, in our opinion, the item is deemed to be deceased or defective, a credit will be applied to your credit card for the purchase price of the dead frag.

Charge backs for the entire shipment including shipping without contacting us via email are illegal and will be prosecuted for fraud.

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