Mitras LX 7206 ghl
Mitras LX 7206 ghl
Mitras LX 7206 ghl
Mitras LX 7206 ghl
Mitras LX 7206 ghl
Mitras LX 7206 ghl
Mitras LX 7206 ghl
Mitras LX 7206 ghl
Mitras LX 7206 ghl

Mitras LX 7206


7206 Saltwater Model, six cluster, black, power supply included

This item ships directly from the manufacturer/supplier.

Marine water version: 6 LED-Cluster, 9 channels: Royal blue, blue, cool white, true green, sky white, blue white, hyperred, hyperviolet, ultraviolet with country-specific power supply unit


Black, White


For lush, healthy growth and vibrant colors in your freshwater or saltwater aquarium

The Mitras® LX 7000 series is an ultra-bright LED full-spectrum light with an enormous power density (versions 7006/7206 with up to 195 W) that ensures natural brilliant colors (CRI> 95), uniform illumination, and radiant brightness in your aquarium. Equipped with the innovative GHL Power Balancing Technology®, the maximum power of LEDs can be divided into different color channels as needed.

Easily create your desired illumination program. Light color and illumination intensity can be programmed to vary over the course of the day.
You can either just take over one of the existing lighting projects for your luminaire, or create your own project from scratch.

With its incomparably high photosynthetic efficiency, the Mitras® LX 7000 series is unique in the market. As with the Mitras® LX 6000 pendant lights, this is achieved by carefully assembled high-power LEDs.

Developed and manufactured in Germany, the luminaire is characterized by the latest in LED technology and is incredibly efficient and durable. Compared to conventional lighting technology, the luminaire can save approx. 50% energy costs per year.

Optimal Light Spectrum to Suit Specific Applications

For optimal lighting results, we offer two different types with different LED combinations to choose from:

  • Mitras LX 7000 (Freshwater)
  • Mitras LX 7200 (Marine Water)

Average color temperature will depend on LX 7 type; each type is fine tuned for specific applications.

Mitras LX is One of a Kind

Equipped with the latest in LED technology, the Mitras LX 7 provides outstanding light performance and efficiency. LX 7206 includes 72 specially selected high-power LEDs (Cree©, OSRAM©, and SemiLED©) in 9 independently controllable channels providing at least 150 lumens/watt. These high-power LEDs are specially mixed and tuned to provide increased coral coloration, increased growth, maximum even-light distribution, and brilliant true-to-life colors (CRI > 95). The Mitras LX design makes it user serviceable; LEDs are integrated in replaceable LED clusters.

Built-in LED Overheat Protection

All Mitras series LEDs include a microprocessor-controller that continuously monitor LED temperature and ensures safe operation and maximum light output with high energy efficiency. If the system detects LED temperatures above the optimal range, the microprocessor will automatically adjust the temperature-controlled fans to ensure continued optimal operation. Automatic brightness reduction is another feature which adds an extra layer of safety.

Mitras LX 7: Ultimate Connectivity Options

Connect the Mitras LX 7 via the cloud (myGHL©), your smartphone, or your computer – built-in Wi-Fi and USB connection provides you with all the connection options you desire. The Mitras LX 7 includes a second RF module which works independently from Wi-Fi which allows you to link multiple Mitras LX in master/slave modes.

Light is not just Light

Optimal lighting plays a vital role in the success of aquariums and terrariums. It directly controls the photosynthetic activity of plants and coral symbionts, thus significantly contributing to the preservation of life and health of aquatic animals.

Since 2002, we develop and produce dimmable LED lighting for aquariums and terrariums – Benefit from our years of experience. We offer the right model for every need. As a main lighting we offer the dimmable high-power LED pendants Mitras LX and the lightbars Mitras LB and Mitras Slimline for you to choose from. Another option is to pick the Mitras-Simu-Stick, if solely an effect lighting is desired.

Depending on the model, true-to-life lighting scenarios such as sunrise/sunset, clouds, rainy days, tropical dawn, moonlight simulation, seasonal lighting and thunderstorms are possible.

The lamps manufactured in Germany by GHL offer:

  • Sophisticated technology and high quality material
  • Functional and modern design
  • Efficiency and durability

Light is Not Just Light – read more about the Basics of Mitras® LED Illumination – Lumen, Lux, PAR and Photosynthesis – and why Mitras® LED Illumination is your perfect choice.

Mitras LX7 Features

  • Ultraviolet LEDs (385nm) give you even better colors and growth for demanding corals (LX 72xx variant only)
  • Built-in WiFi module
  • myGHL cloud compatible
  • Adjustable performance distribution using GHL Power Balancing Technology
  • Wide and even light distribution without the “disco effect”, an effect commonly found in many other LED lights
  • High-performance reflectors with 99% reflection and high diffusion to minimize light loss from spreading and ensure superior color mixing; these reflectors were developed to outperform all LED lens designs
  • Depending on the model 48-72 High-power LEDs from the best binnings, exclusively from Cree, Osram, and SemiLEDs
  • Complete coverage of the relevant spectrum; Spectrum can be freely customized with 9 separately dimmable LED color channels
  • Numerous functions such as moon phase, thunderstorm, seasonal lighting, and clouds.
  • Radio module for communicating with other Mitras LX lamps or ProfiLux aquarium controllers (master / slave)
  • Easily accessible graphic display (depending on the model) and capacitive keyboard on the side of the fixture
  • LED clusters can be exchanged individually
  • Extremely fine dimming ratio > 4000 : 1 for super smooth dimming
  • Efficient wide-range power supply
  • Innovative and efficient temperature management through active and passive cooling, temperature-controlled and quiet fans
  • Designed, developed, and produced in Germany

Wirelessly controllable via ProfiLux 3 / 4

Looking to control the Mitras LX7 off of a ProfiLux 3 or 4 controller?

Make it happen with the PLM-PWC expansion card for ProfiLux 3 and 4 controllers.

Innovative LED Clusters

Mitras LX7 Cluster

Our Reflectors vs Most Current LED Lenses

When it comes to maintaining light intensity for deep tanks, most current LED Lenses fall short. For tall and short tanks, these type of lens may even cause a “Disco Effect” due to the way multiple LED light colors are blended by the lenses. Our metal coated high performance LED reflector mimics the reflective performance of parabolic Metal Halide reflectors reflecting 99% of light. This type of reflector design maximizes light efficiency, increases light spread, optimally blends LED colors, and minimizes light loss the deeper light penetrates.

Future-proof: Interchangeable LED Clusters

All Mitras Luminaires are designed with upgradeability in mind. Each type of Mitras can be equipped with any matching LED-cluster type (mixing LX 6 and LX 7 clusters is not possible).
This type of technology gives you the flexibility to swap LED clusters and benefit from the latest technological developments.

For example, an LX 7000 can be converted to an LX 7200 with a simple cluster swap.

All Mitras LX models are equipped with the necessary hardware to support different LED-cluster-types; a firmware update may be required. With GHL Control Center, new cluster configurations can be easily activated.

No Disturbing “Disco Effect”

Unlike many other LED fixtures, Mitras LX lamps do not create an unsightly and disturbing “disco effect”. This effect is often noted as seeing obvious color spots on the substrate which tend to move side-to-side during water surface agitation. Our metal coated high performance LED reflector mimics the reflective performance of parabolic Metal Halide reflectors by perfectly blending all LED channels. In a single Mitras LX cluster, all 12 LEDs are housed on an area of just 25 mm x 25 mm – this narrow arrangement and special reflector design helps achieve perfect light mixing.

LX 72xx

  • For Marine Water
  • Diagram shows Relative Spectral Radiation Power, all LEDs running at 100%
  • 1000 K – 24000 K adjustment range of color temperature
  • 9200 K center color temperature
  • 9 separately dimmable colors, LEDs within each cluster:
    2 x Cree XP-E2 blue, 2 x Cree XT-E Cool White, 2 x Cree XT-E Royal Blue, 1 x Osram Oslon SSL true green, 1 x Osram Oslon SSL Sky White, 1 x Osram Oslon SSL Blue-White, 1 x Osram Oslon SSL Hyper red, 1 x Hyper Violet 425 nm, 1 x Ultra Violet 385 nm
  • Mitras LX 7206 has 6 clusters (Total of 72 LEDs) / Mitras LX 7204 has 4 clusters (Total of 48 LEDs)

Mitras LX 7X06 Specifications

LX 7X06 (6 LED cluster)

* Above specifications relate to average parameters and may vary due to component tolerances and ambient conditions.

* Both the power supply and luminaire become warm during normal operation and must therefore be installed in an area that allows for sufficient heat dissipation.

PAR Diagram LX 7X06

Mitras LX 7206 ghl

Mounting Options Mitras LX

Mitras LX7 may not be used in a closed aquarium below a cover. The clearance between aquarium and Mitras LX 7 must be at least 20 cm (7.9″).

Mitras Install

Mitras minimum distance to water surface

If you are looking for a lumious and powerful alternative for built-in or closed aquariums, we recommend our LED Light Bar Mitras Lightbar.

Mitras Flex Mount System

The Mitras Flex Mount System combines maximum stability and flexibility in a simple, yet stylish aluminum frame. The high-quality fastening system is made of aluminum, stainless steel, and acrylic glass and features adjustable height and depth options. Mitras Flex Mount is also compatible with the Mitras LX 6 series.

Hanging Kit

The Mitras® LX can be hung with a patented high quality Hanging Kit, that consists of ceiling mounts, hanging wire, wire holders and mounting brackets.

This Hanging Kit enables flexible height adjustment of the lights over the basin.

GCC, GHL Connect App, Cloud Service

GCC, GHL Connect App, Cloud Service myGHL

GHL Devices are easily accessible via the free PC software GCC GHL Connect app and cloud service myGHL. (> learn more).


Do you have questions or need technical support?

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  • Check out our extensive videos.

Still have questions?

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Do you have a complaint or a defective product?

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  • In case you bought directly from GHL please contact us directly via our ticket system.

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GHL provides a 24-month limited warranty against all processing and material defects. Warranty period begins at the date of purchase.

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