Reef Keeping Master Class

Reef Keeping Master Class


If you would like to learn how to achieve optimal growth rates and amazing colors with SPS, then my Reef Keeping Master Class is for you! This online course, based on my popular book, A ReefBum’s Guide to Keeping an SPS Reef Tank, covers equipment, aquascaping, optimal parameters, husbandry, pest & invasive algae control, choosing and placing SPS plus more.

Much of the subject matter focuses on SPS reefs, but there will also be information applying to all types of captive reefs. To set the stage, I will begin by talking about a principle I call “reefology”, which is the science behind the science of reef keeping. Specifically, it refers to practicing the basic principles of doing your homework, being patient, and keeping things simple.

The course itself is a series of video presentations with some supplemental video from my YouTube channel. There are also quizzes to help you retain and understand the information presented in the course. In a nutshell, this Reef Keeping Master Class provides basic guidelines and advice on how to keep a kick ass SPS reef tank!

About the Instructor

Keith Berkelhamer is the Founder & Chief Reefologist of ReefBum, LLC. He has been a reef tank hobbyist for 25+ years, winning tank of the month honors once from Reef2Reef, and twice from Reef Central (one of the few to do so on RC). A few years ago he left Connecticut and moved to Vermont, where he started, a site dedicated to helping hobbyists create the reef tank of their dreams.

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