RO VarioS CR3000 Dual 7inch Chamber Calcium Reactor reef octopus

REEF OCTOPUS VarioS CR3000 Dual 7inch Chamber Calcium Reactor


Rated for Aquariums up to 580 Gallons

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Footprint: 15.75″ x 13.5″ | Body Diameter: 7″ | Height: 23″
Recirculation Pump: Reef Octopus VarioS 4

VarioS DC CR3000D Dual Chamber Calcium Reactor

The VarioS CR is perfectly capable of meeting the challenging task of maintaining alkalinity, calcium, and trace elements on a demanding reef system. Quality, design, and controllability define the Reef Octopus VarioS Calcium Reactor series. Available in 3 different models that feature the new VarioS variable speed pump and reverse flow water current reactor design to maximum water and CO2 contact time with the media. All models come with a pH probe holder(probe and pH controller sold separately) to monitor Ph levels in the main reactor chamber and built-in bubble counters to monitor CO2 feed rate.

How it works

A calcium reactor is essentially a chamber full of aragonite, which is the crushed skeleton of ancient hard corals. Aquarium water is pumped through this chamber along with pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2). The CO2 lowers the pH in the chamber to an acidic level which dissolves aragonite media into the aquarium water. In addition to dissolving the calcium, this process also dissolves nearly all the minerals and trace elements the coral used in order to grow.

Automated Calcium and Alkalinity supplementation – When set up properly and used correctly, a calcium reactor can maintain or increase calcium levels with little to no maintenance.


  • Rated up to 580gal Aquarium
  • Dual-Chamber design buffers outgoing effluent Ph
  • Reverse flow and CO2 Recirculating Design
  • Auto Fill Bubble Counter
  • Probe Holder w/Plug*
  • Easy to Remove Lid
  • Precision Effluent Control Valve
  • Solid Construction
  • 1/4in Quick connect fittings
  • 2yr Pump Warranty
    * Does not include pH probe

VarioS CR-3000D Technical Specs

Body Size: 7in
Footprint: 15.75in x 13.5in
Total Height: 23in
Media Capacity: 11.5L (3gal)
Inlet Size: 1/4in
Max Feed Rate: 150GPH
Suggest a feed pressure slightly higher than a full flowing effluent

Recirculation Pump Information

Reef Octopus VarioS 4 variable speed pump
Max Wattage: 40w
Apex Ready Control via 0-10V
Warranty -2 year warranty on pump and 1 year on reactor body




1000 mls, 125 mls, 250 mls, 500 mls

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