Dreambox Compact Fleece royal exclusiv
Dreambox Compact Fleece royal exclusiv
Dreambox Compact Fleece royal exclusiv
Dreambox Compact Fleece royal exclusiv
Dreambox Compact Fleece royal exclusiv
Dreambox Compact Fleece royal exclusiv
Dreambox Compact Fleece royal exclusiv
Dreambox Compact Fleece royal exclusiv
Dreambox Compact Fleece royal exclusiv
Dreambox Compact Fleece royal exclusiv

Dreambox – COMPACT Rolling Fleece Filter, Automatic version


Dimensions: 12″W x 13″L x 24″H.

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Technical data:
Dimensions: 30 cm wide x 33 cm length x 60 cm height   (12 x 13 x 24″).
Flow rate:  ~ min. 500 – max. 6000 liters
Minimum water level: 13cm, maximum water level 18-20 cm
1x Standard Vlies Roll at delivery 40 gramm incl.
incl. control unit with Timer and Switch (ON-OFF-AUTO)

Rolling fleece filter made of 8 mm PVC with 6 mm PVC clear panes 

  • including pipes breakthroughs with connecting tubes
  • inlet connection 40/32 mm on the top
  • outlet standard openings at the bottom
  • tubes 40 mm optionally either left or back side  (Optional each pipe +35 Euro)
    (when ordering please specify, standard ONLY on the top)
  • Cover opening for easy cleaning and fleece exchange 
  • high quality rigid PVC and PVC-CAW
  • hot gas welded not glued,
    plastic welding never leak as like glass filter cases with silicone gaskets
  • significantly sturdily, shock proof and lower weight
  • 100% Made in Germany / Assembly by hand
  • 30 Years of experience in PVC filter and skimmer construction

Solo fleece filter, for subsequent installation into a glass filter boxes.

Development fundamentals:
Due to numerous customer requests to offer an everyday suitable inclined bed fleece in RE quality, we now offer an inclined bed fleece.  With our Dreambox® COMPACT nonwoven filter, changing roles is a breeze, not even your hands get wet. The roller change is done by water and thanks to the sliders and extendable roller deflection, the hitherto cumbersome role exchange for competitor models, where often the complete fleece had to be pulled out of the filter, is now obsolete. The fleece guide is carried out with a slider, which can be inserted from above and completely removed.

The advantages in detail:
> Solid and heavy construction, 8 mm PVC-CAW, hot gas welded
> Easy role change system
> Fully automatic version
> Timer function, with integrated trailing relay, adjustable from 0 to 30 seconds (control of the nonwoven discharge)
> 12 Volt technology
> Height-adjustable sensor, German make (hand crafted Made in Germany)
> 12 Volt planetary gear motor with neat pull-through ( 5 Nm )
> Internal gear drive, overload and shatterproof, developed by Klaus Jansen (CEO and founder of Royal Exclusiv)
> Internal overflow protection
> Integrated flood chamber, for effective water calming
> Standard with 2 inlet tubes, 40 and 32 mm
> Pre-equipped to connect another 3 x 40 mm pipes
> Inclusive coverage
> Quiet operation
> Winding reel can be unscrewed
> Grade 2 titanium screws, stainless
> Roller holder on the right, also screwable
> Basic dimensions: 30 x 33 cm, height over all: 59 cm, height without reel : 35 cm
> Minimum water level 13, maximum water level 18-20 cm
> max. flow rate with almost 20 cm of non-woven width: up to 6000 liters ( 12,000 liters model in preparation )
> incl. ring grooves in the floor to jack up (increase) the fleece with 40 mm PVC tubes
> Bracket tubes in the 5 cm range available from us. Necessary if the water level in the filter is over 20 cm
> Control electronics of the fully automatic machine with 3 operating states : Off – permanently on/fleece rolls on – sensor operation

Videos about the Product Dreambox® COMPACT rolling Fleece filter – Vliesfilter

PART I – Increase, installation/connection, float switch (automatic version only)
PART II – Role change and control unit (automatic version only)


+10 Inches, +2 Inches, +4 Inches, +6 Inches, +8 Inches, Standard

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