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Why seek advice from me? Well, I have been a hobbyist for nearly 30 years who has won several awards for keeping SPS dominant reef tanks. I have even written a book on reef keeping best practices……so I can leverage this wisdom to provide expert advise on getting to the next level with your reef tank or help you troubleshoot a problem with your tank. I can also help with equipment purchases for setting up a new tank or re-configuring a current setup.

I do use GHLRoyal Exclusiv, Reef Octopus and Pax Bellum equipment on my tanks because I believe in investing in high-end equipment that is long-lasting and reliable. So I will point you in that direction since I also sell this equipment. I can even help you design a custom aquarium and hook you up with a top of the line custom tank builder. I can also help you design and order a Royal Exclusiv Dreambox, which are high-end custom sumps that are bullet proof and works of art.

What else should you know about me? I am the sole proprietor and employee of this company so you will always deal with the same person. Think of me as your personal reef tank concierge who can be on call to help with your tank. The cost of this service, which is conducted via Skype, is $100 for a 45 minute session. Once you purchase a consulting session I will contact you to arrange a time to meet and give you further instructions about connecting with me via Skype.

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