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Propeller Breeze3
Propeller Breeze3
Propeller Breeze3

Propeller Breeze 3, 3 Fans


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High-performance aquarium fan, silent, ball bearings and brushless motors, 12 V, with universal power supply, housing powder-coated aluminum in black or white, Protection class IP55.

Dimensions (L x W x H) without mounting brackets /air flow rate
2-fan: 7.2″ x 1.6″ x 4.9″ / 120,000 l/h (70.6 CFM)
3-fan: 10.9″ x 1.6″ x 4.9″ / 180,000 l/h (105.9 CFM)
4-fan: 14.5″ x 1.6″ x 4.9″ / 240,000 l/h (141.3 CFM)
5-fan: 18.1″ x 1.6″ x 4.9″ / 300,000 l/h (176.6 CFM)
6-fan: 21.7″ x 1.6″ x 4.9″ / 360,000 l/h (211.9 CFM)


Black, White

About Propeller Breeze 3

Propeller Breeze 3 is made from the highest quality materials. Available in 2 to 6 fan models and in 2 color options (black or white), these high quality fans cool the aquarium water economically and efficiently using evaporative cooling with large airflow volumes.

The 85 mm diameter fans ensure extremely silent operation. These units operate at a safe low voltage (12V). The exclusively designed aquarium fans are made of powdercoated aluminum and have universal adjustable mounting brackets.

PropellerBreeze 3 is suited for glass thickness up to 0.8″ and can be tilted.


The universal bracket is suitable for mounting to different glass thicknesses, up to 0.8″.

The brushless motors and ball-bearing fans on the PropellerBreeze fan batteries are splash proof. We recommend they be mounted in an area away from excessive humiditycondensation, and/or excessive splashing. Placing the PropellerBreeze in an area with high salt content such as in enclosed cabinets should also be avoided.

The power supply included is energy efficient Energy Star(ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered US trademarks)

Fan Speed controllable

Propeller Breeze 3 can be used as a standalone fan or controlled by a ProfiLux controller. When controlled via 1-10V, the fans can be programmed to automatically ramp up / down based on your desired temperature.

All you need to enable fan speed control is the Propeller Control accessory.

Propeller Control is connected to a 1-10Vinterface of the ProfiLux (beginning from Plus (II).

Propeller Control


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