Nest Cam Review
Photography & Videography

Nest Cam Review

This is a review of the Nest Cam as an aquarium monitoring tool. The camera delivers 1080p HD video and allows you to zoom in and view video at close range.

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New Sea & Reef Clownfish

Designer Clownfish

I love designer clownfish so when Sea & Reef recently announced a new designer clownfish I became intrigued.   The new strain, currently un-named, is striking with its distinctive panda-like black and white markings. The release date for these beauties was supposed to be the Fall of 2015 but that was pushed back to grow out more

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55 Gallon RODI Drum
Water Chemistry

Water Changes Made Easy

Keeping up with regular water changes for a reef tank is very important. Here is how I set my system up to make this task extremely easy.

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