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GHL Releases More Details About ION Director

GHL has just announced more details about the much anticipated release of the ION Director, its latest automated monitoring and control device. The KH Director monitors and controls alkalinity and with the addition of the ION Director reef keepers will be able to also monitor and control Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, and Nitrate (the IOND can be used with or without a KHD).

Each parameter can be measured and automatically controlled. If one or more parameters are too low or too high, the IOND can automatically determine how much of an adjustment is needed to maintain stable parameters. GHL has developed a multi-ion sensor so there is no need for a dedicated ion sensor per parameter and no need for single reagents per parameter. Through the use of ion-selective technology, the IOND will provide lab grade measurements, eliminating the human error one can get when using hobby grade test kits.

The IOND will work in conjunction with a 4 pump GHL Doser 2.1. Out of the four pump heads, two are used to transport two separate reference fluids for automatic ion-sensor calibration. The use of these heads eliminate the need to manually calibrate the sensor. This ensures that each test is used with a freshly calibrated sensor, every time. The other two heads will be used for sample water and waste water.

The current hardware for the IOND will allow GHL to add more parameters in the future so this expandability will be a great feature for hobbyists seeking even more automated measurement and control. Only two affordable reference fluids will be required for all current and future parameters.

The IOND can be used alongside a GHL Standalone Doser (no aquarium controller required) or with a ProfiLux 3 or 4 controller. ION Director/Doser 2.1 Slave and Standalone packages will be available. The IOND will be controllable through GHL Connect (app, webserver and cloud) and more. There will also be automatic data logging and charting.

Scheduled deliveries begin March 31st, 2020. If you are interested in purchasing the ION Director or other GHL products, including the KH Director, Profilux 4 Controllers and dosing pumps, you can visit my store.

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