GHL Powerhub-6D-PAB


If you have an advanced aquarium setup that requires some complicated wiring to connect it to a power source, then the GHL Powerhub-6D-PAB should certainly be considered. GHL, a company that is very involved with university research departments and labs around the world, manufactured this product with expert hobbyists and professional aquariums in mind.

Instead of using sockets, such as those found in GHL’s Powerbar 6E-PAB, the Powerhub has six relays that can be controlled independently of one another. Multiple pieces of equipment such as two return pumps can can be controlled with one relay. Note the Powerhub is compatible with both the Profilux 3 and 4 controllers.

The Powerhub is a centralized source of power that has built-in load measurement, making it possible to see power consumption for each relay. Industry-grade mechanical relays are used to ensure the highest level of safety. This allows the Powerhub to withstand very high electrical loads that are common with metal halide ballasts, large power supplies, large chillers and other high powered devices. Again, this piece of equipment is not for the every day hobbyist given the wiring involved so it is best to have an electrician do the install.

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