Neptune Systems Next Generation Apex Controller

Neptune Systems Releases Next Generation Apex Controller

I have been keeping reef tanks for over twenty years and I have learned first hand that whatever can go wrong will go wrong.  Sound familiar?  Yes, its Murphy’s Law and it certainly applies to reef keeping.  An aquarium controller is a wise investment to prevent disasters and reef keepers such as myself have leaned on Neptune Systems controllers for reliable tank monitoring and controlling for many years.  This week Neptune announced the release of its next generation Apex controller, a smart looking unit with  a number of enhancements:

  • New base unit and Energy Bar.
  • New mounting system to better protect electronics from stray water.
  • Addition of salinity monitoring.
  • WiFi capable.
  • One touch firmware updates on mobile phones.
  • Ability to see power draw from each aquarium device.
  • Indicators lights on Energy Bar illuminate when an outlet is on.
  • Indicator lights blink if too much current is pulled on any individual outlet.

Additional Resources

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