ATL Strawberry Fields

SPS Deep Dive – ATL Strawberry Fields

The ATL Strawberry Fields is another classic SPS coral from Atlantis Aquariums that has been a favorite among SPS enthusiasts for a long time. This Acropora Florida sports a vivid green base and branches that are bunched together with pink tips and greenish polyps. It is a stunner to say the least and is a fairly hardy SPS coral, similar to other captive raised corals. The ATL Strawberry Fields requires medium to high lighting and will do fine under T5s, metal halides and LEDs. Moderate to strong circulation is recommended for optimal growth.

atl strawberry fields

As for placement, this relatively fast growing coral will do best in the top half of a tank. It does resemble an Acropora sarmentosa but the Strawberry Fields has thicker, stubbier branches then the Acropora sarmentosa, which sports bottlebrush-like branches with larger and more rounded tips. You don’t see this oldie but a goodie around a lot these days but it certainly is a worthwhile addition to any tank. Come on, it is a glowing green coral with pink tips! Hop on one if you can find it!


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