Tyree Red Dragon

SPS Deep Dive – Tyree Red Dragon

Limited edition corals generate a lot of buzz when released and the Tyree Red Dragon was at the top of the LE hit list a few years ago. Why did this coral grab so much attention? Well, it was unique due to its red/fuchsia color, white color polyps and growth pattern. The coral’s uniqueness and limited availability did translate into a very high price tag back then but today it is more readily available and can be had for a much more reasonable price.

The Red Dragon is a deepwater Acropora with smooth skin, a low density of polyps and delicate, open branches. The coral requires good flow and does well in the middle part of the tank under moderate lighting, although it will do fine higher up or lower down in some tanks.  Check out this video for a closer look

As for its origin, rumor has it that Reef Raft in Canada received a piece in a Bali shipment in the early 2000s. Reeffarmers was one of the first US farmers to eventually acquire a piece, selling it as a limited edition near the end of 2010.

tyree red dragon

Different varieties of this coral have popped up over the years, including Joe’s Golden Dragon Acropora from Joe Knows Reefs. This version has a strong pink magenta color with polyps that turn bright yellow under actinic lighting.  I came across another variety known as the Twilight Dragon, an acro with light purple coloration and yellow tips and polyps. This one seems to be a true deepwater as it prefers lower flow and light. So next time you are thinking about adding a new frag, think hard about adding a “Dragon”, a must have for any serious SPS collector.

joe's golden dragon acro

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