Coral Frenzy Ultimate Coral Food

Coral Frenzy Product Overview – The Ultimate Coral Food

For those of you following my blog and Youtube channel you know I am a believer in giving corals something to chow down on to promote their health and well being. Yes, a reef tank does supply corals nutrients such as fish poop but in my experience it does help to provide supplemental feeds to help corals flourish.

A few weeks ago I took a look at the Coral Frenzy 1mm Reef Pellet, a product designed to feed certain animals such as Scolymia and Acan corals. In my latest installment on coral feeds I am featuring Coral Frenzy’s Ultimate Coral Food. This is Coral Frenzy’s original powder and it is designed to feed everything, including corals, filter feeders and even small fish. One stop shopping, if you will.

coral frenzy

The particle size ranges from 53-1700 microns and it will generate a much bigger feeding response versus the pellets due to a couple of key ingredients, oyster larvae and salmon roe. As is the case with all Coral Frenzy products, every ingredient for the powder is listed on the side of the can.

In terms of feeding, you can either broadcast feed or target feed the powder. To broadcast feed you will need to mix the powder vigorously with some tank water and squirt it into a high flow area of the aquarium. Coral Frenzy recommends using 1/4 of a teaspoon for every 50 gallons of tank water. Target feeding will yield more desirable results and if you go that route be sure to turn off all of your pumps.

coral frenzy powder

For target feeding my 187 gallon tank I use the same concentration recommended for broadcast feeding so less product is required when using this method, a nice side benefit. As you can see in this video, my corals responded well. Typically, the product should be used two to three times a week but this will vary depending on the needs of your system. Remember, go slow at the beginning and be careful not to overfeed.

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