Coral Frenzy 0.5mm Reef Pellet

Coral Frenzy Product Showcase – 0.5mm Reef Pellet

Over the last couple of months I have provided overviews for two of the three products sold by Coral Frenzy, their Ultimate Coral Food and 1mm Reef Pellet. In this article I wrap up my series on Coral Frenzy food with a look at their 0.5mm Reef Pellet.

coral frenzy .5 mm pellet

In a nutshell, this smaller size pellet is best for Duncans, Micromusa, and Acans. It is also a great food for small wrasses and fish fry. I actually fed the pellets to all of my fish and they were quickly gobbled up!

You can broadcast feed or target feed this food but my advice would be to target feed it to minimize the uneaten food that makes it to the bottom of the tank. Another bonus with target feeding is you will need less food per feeding. Coral Frenzy recommends two to three feedings per week but it is advisable to take it slow at the beginning to make sure you don\’t overfeed the tank.

coral frenzy .5 mm pellet

The pellet contains a variety of ingredients, including squid meal, herring meal and shrimp meal. All of the ingredients can be found on the product label.  Overall, my tank animals responded very well to the 0.5mm Reef Pellet, making it a great compliment to the other foods in Coral Frenzy’s product line. If you are interested in finding out where their products are available in your area then please visit


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