Acropora Lokani

SPS Deep Dive – Acropora Lokani

One of my favorite corals of all time is the Acropora Lokani. This deepwater beauty has sturdy main branches that run horizontal with thin, small branches that shoot up. It is a smooth skin SPS with polyps at the end of its branches. The more popular pieces have a nice purple or blue coloration but you will also see them with a cream or brown color. One of the more sought after Lokani’s is the “20,000 Leagues Lokani”, which picked up it\’s deepwater nickname from the famous novel and film, ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’.

The colony I had in my 225g tank was a maricultured piece I bought sight unseen from an online retailer. It was sold to me as a Purple Monster but it turned out to be an Acropora Lokani. Yes, that was quite an ID error on the part of the retailer given the differences between a Lokani and Purple Monster but I did see a lot of potential in the piece so I held onto it. Here is a picture of the colony when I received it and another after it had been in my tank for a while. It certainly turned into quite a gem!

acropora lokani
My Acropora Lokani as a Frag

acropora lokani
My Acropora Lokani as a Mature Colony

Acropora Lokanis Require Less Light

Acropora Lokanis are typically slow growers and can be tough to frag due to their small vertical branches. Given their deepwater origin in the wild, they require less light and do well near the bottom or middle part of the tank. I originally had my piece near the top of the tank and it had a pale cream color with a hint of purple in the tips. But when I moved it down near the bottom the intense purple really started to develop in the tips.

Acropora Lokanis need moderate to strong flow and also require good water quality so I would recommend trying one only after success is achieved with less demanding SPS. Give one a shot when you are ready. You won’t be disappointed.

Additional Resources

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